Start Your Journey to Clarity with Clinical Research Los Angeles

Medvin Clinical Research is a dedicated, multi-specialty, and multi-location site management organization for clinical research in Los Angeles. We conduct Phase II to Phase IV clinical research studies in:

• Rheumatology
• Gastroenterology
• Dermatology
• Depression or anxiety
• Cardiology
• Internal Medicine
• Pain Management

All our clinical research facilities at locations like Covina, Whittier, Van Nuys, and Tujunga in California are perfectly resourced and well-equipped to undertake several clinical trials in the disciplines mentioned above. The multidisciplinary nature of our fully-focused clinical research in Los Angeles has been our major strength since we started work in 2006.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the following:

• Bringing diversity to the varied clinical trials and studies.
• Prioritizing the safety of our patients
• Providing our CROs and sponsors with top-quality data while exceeding or meeting our clinical research enrolment objectives.
• Offering unparalleled attention to detail to ensure first-class and consistent quality clinical research in Los Angeles.

We have completed more than 130 clinical trials in Phase II to IV, the complexity and variety of which have led to the in-depth experience of our research staff and investigators. More than 3000 patients have achieved the quality of life they deserve with us. Our specialty lies in the following:

• Conducting clinical research for treatments not available to the public.
• No requirement for medical insurance to participate in clinical research
• Compensation of $3500 was offered to participants for their time and travel.
• FDA-approved and supervised clinical research.

So, if you want to be an integral part of clinical research studies in Los Angeles, volunteer with us and get well-compensated.

Customer Reviews

1. Medvin Clinical Research is on the cutting edge of Gastroenterology and Rheumatology research and treatment, along with research in other disciplines. The setting is incredible for gaining first-hand experience!

Andrew Smith

2. Want to be a part of clinical research studies and learn more about different treatments? There is no other better place than MCR.

Nicola Miller

3. Good pay, beautiful and top-of-the-line clinical research facility, inspiring work, and the doctors are also cooperative. Would recommend MCR to people who want to bring changes in the world of medicine.

Agnes D’ Silva


1. What is Medvin Clinical Research?

Medvin Clinical Research facilitates clinical research studies in Los Angeles by recruiting quality individuals. Our proven clinical research strategies have brought about several effective treatments for different conditions.

2. Will I receive alerts of the upcoming clinical research studies I am interested in?

Once you become a member of MCR, you can specify the types of studies you might be eligible for. We will get in touch with you whenever new clinical research comes in that meets your eligibility criteria. Becoming a member at MCR is completely free of cost.

3. Do you offer compensation for participating in clinical research in Los Angeles?

Yes, we offer compensation of $3500 to individuals who take part in our clinical research. We compensate the participants for their travel and time.