Grab the Best Clinical Trial Opportunities in Los Angeles

Looking to be a part of a clinical trial in Los Angeles that can lead to a cure or contribute to medical advancements? Your scope to get involved is at Medvin Clinical Research. We are a multi-facility, multi-specialty research company that conducts clinical trials and offers patients the scope to participate in them and get paid. Connect with us to determine whether you are the perfect fit for clinical trials in gastroenterology, rheumatology, internal medicine dermatology, pain management, depression/anxiety, and cardiology.

Gain Access to Highly Advanced Treatments and Contribute to a Healthier Society

With more than 130 successful clinical trials in Los Angeles and helping more than 3000 patients achieve a better quality of life, we have greatly contributed to a healthier society. By being a part of our best clinical trials in Los Angeles, you can help develop future treatment while getting compensated simultaneously.

At Medvin Clinical research, we greatly care about our volunteers and thus prioritize ensuring that all the participants are well-informed and duly prepared for the trials. All our clinical trials are sponsored by Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies that generally test medical products or devices to compare them to the existing standard products or placebos containing no active ingredients.

Our experienced and trained investigators put in their best to determine the efficacy and safety of the clinical trials in Los Angeles, California, by measuring outcomes in the participants. They possess good training and specific knowledge to carry out the best clinical trials in Los Angeles and foster superior quality care for the volunteers.

About Our Volunteer-Focused Clinical Trials

Since 2006, we have been helping society by developing specialized therapies, medicines, and devices through the best clinical trials in Los Angeles, CA. This would be impossible without the participation of our volunteers. We take pride in having helped more than 3000 volunteers make an impact on the world by participating in our clinical trials. We always strive to inform our volunteers that we appreciate their participation. At the same time, we also demonstrate to them the different ways their contributions transform medicine now and in the future.

Compensations to Aid Your Personal Life

Supporting Medvin Clinical Research in its clinical trials in Los Angeles, CA, to advance universal health is highly rewarding for the volunteers. Apart from the study-related care throughout the participation, like vital signs recordings; physicals, and blood tests; we also compensate you for your travel and time. This is our way of showing gratitude for the help you are offering us!

So, learn more about being a part of paid clinical trials in Los Angeles and upcoming studies that you may be eligible for at Medvin Clinical Research.


  1. What to expect from the clinical trials at Medvin Clinical Research?

Clinical trials can be intimidating for volunteers, but it is crucial for developing life-changing medicines and treatments. At Medvin Clinical research, we ensure our volunteers are well-informed about their role in our objective to transform the global health environment.

  1. Should I participate in a clinical trial?

Yes, it is rewarding to participate in clinical research as it pays you and allows you to be a part of medical advances.

  1. How do I qualify for clinical trials in Los Angeles?

Participating in clinical trials at Medvin Clinical Research is simple. Based on the study type, participants must meet certain requirements and can easily be a part of our clinical trials.

Volunteer Feedback

  1. Thank you for the experience Medvin Clinical Research! I was a part of a pain management study. I must say that the investigator was really good and asked several questions. I will surely recommend this service.

Laura Vincent


  1. Participated in a long-term clinical trial at Medvin Clinical Research. Originally, I imagined the experience to be like staying in a hospital. But to my surprise, it was the opposite. It was like staying at a dormitory with a lot of free time. I made new friends who were also a part of the clinical trial at Medvin.

Nicola Miller


  1. I first heard about Medvin Clinical Research through a friend who had participated in its clinical trials. Initially, I was a bit skeptical, but once the staff members at Medvin gave me a good explanation, I was comfortable and did not give my participation a second thought. If this is how I can contribute to the betterment of society, I would like to participate again.

Tom Saunders