Medvin Clinical Research Recruits and Enrols Healthy Volunteers for Clinical Trials in Los Angeles

Medicines and treatments must be effective and safe. Every FDA-approved medical device, treatment, or medicine available today has, at a certain point in time, been tested in medical research and often more than once. At Medvin Clinical research, we conduct healthy volunteer clinical trials in Los Angeles to predict the efficacy of therapy or medicine to the general public when treating a condition. Our clinical trials measure the effectiveness and safety of proposed medicines or treatments compared to existing therapies or placebo.

While most of our healthy volunteer clinical trials in Los Angeles compare single medicines, others compare blends of different medicines and dosage levels. Based on the stage of a treatment or medicine’s development, trials generally start in the form of small studies and become larger as effectiveness and safety data are established.

Why Volunteer?

Participating in our clinical trials is a personal decision for volunteers and their family members. The majority of our healthy volunteers participate in our clinical trials to find prospective new treatments for specific conditions. However, others do it to support the advance of modern medicine. Regardless of your reason, your safety and health are always the top priority of our clinical studies. Other reasons volunteers choose to be a part of our clinical trials:

• They can benefit from better or new investigational medicines and treatments currently unavailable to the general public.
• All medical tests, procedures, or exams they receive during their clinical study are free of cost.
• They also get additional care from our healthcare providers.
• The volunteers receive compensation for their travel and time.

At MCR, our first job is to recruit and qualify volunteers to be a part of our clinical studies, and we also put in our best efforts to retain them for the entire study duration.

Customer Reviews

1. At Medvin Clinical Research, you always get the best medical care. Kudos to the team.

Mary Gomes

2. The clinical and scientific experts at MCR take good care of the healthy volunteers in the clinical trials.

Helen Mathews

3. I have been associated with MCR since its inception, and the best thing about this medical research facility is they compensate you fairly for your time and travel.

Christopher Smith


1. Do I need medical insurance to be a part of your clinical studies?

No, our clinical trials have nothing to do with medical insurance- either government-provided or private.

2. Are your clinical studies safe?

Yes, the safety of our trial participants is the number one priority of our organization. You will be under the close supervision of expert medical professionals.

3. What is your privacy policy?

Medvin Clinical research will never sell or share your details with any organization or company.