Paid Clinical Trials Los Angeles at Medvin Clinical Research- Getting Treatment and Medicines for the Needy

Medvin Clinical Research is one of California’s best clinical research organizations offering a complete assortment of Phase II to IV clinical development solutions to ensure life-saving medicines and treatments reach patients as fast as possible. Our in-depth industry knowledge and strong track record gained over the past 16 years are moving the healthcare industry forward. Our innovative ecosystem provides the best solutions through highly advanced paid clinical trials in Los Angeles.

Meet the Team

We recognize the ethical and competent CROs or Clinical research Coordinators for successful paid clinical trials in Los Angeles, CA. That’s why our CROs hold proper qualifications and are registered professionals duly certified to work on different clinical trials and research studies. They work towards the specific requirements of the patients and use their expertise to offer exceptional care.

We also have a full-time bilingual Spanish/English department that excels in offering compassionate care to the patients while guiding them throughout the recovery procedure.

Available Studies

Our current clinical studies include the following:

• Lupus clinical trials
• Gout treatment
• Rheumatoid arthritis treatment
• Osteoarthritis treatment
• Fibromyalgia pain management
• Psoriatic arthritis treatment
• Ankylosing spondylitis treatment
• Heart failure
• Diabetes
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Hypertension
• Dyslipidaemia
• Constipation

Get on to our site to go through a complete list of our current paid clinical trials in Los Angeles. If you qualify for any of our current medical studies, compensation will be offered for your travel and time. Help us advance clinical studies. Over the years, thousands of people have volunteered- why not be one of them?

Customer Reviews

1. Great organizational culture and management at Medvin Clinical Research. The entire staff at this facility is professional and intelligent, and it’s a pleasure coordinating with them.

Darwin Hogwarts

2. MCR is great! I am its longest client! The organization demonstrates its dedication every time I coordinate with it. This is the way medicines advance.

Celina Francis

3. Very professional and friendly people at MCR. They do not leave a single stone unturned in supporting you through the clinical trials. Looking forward to my next clinical research program with them.

Mary Heldt


1. If I participate in one of your clinical trials, will I have to stop taking my medicines?

No, you probably need not stop taking your normal medicines if enrolled in one of our clinical trials. However, a few clinical research studies may ask you to stop your medicines.

2. Is any of my information distributed or sold in any way?

No, your details, including your email address, are never distributed or sold. We share your clinical trial interests with our staff performing clinical research so they can decide whether you are apt for the study.

3. When should I be contacted about clinical research?

All eligible clinical research participants are welcome to participate at MCR. The number of research studies you will be contacted for will directly depend on your eligibility and location.