Why Participate

Medvin Clinical Research

By participating in a clinical trial, you’re giving yourself the opportunity and access to some potentially helpful treatments that can control your signs and symptoms before it is commercially available.

Contrary to the general conception that study participants are “guinea pigs”, the study patients at Medvin Clinical Research are always very closely supervised by multiple authorities including the FDA as well as the site staff and physician for their well being.

Moreover, more than half of the clinical trials at Medvin Clinical Research involve FDA approved medications that are commercially available. Some of these drugs could cost as much as $3500/dose commercially but are free of charge through clinical trials. This is the ideal way for you to receive therapy for your conditions without any financial liability.

There are multiple benefits of participating in a clinical trial that are little known. Experts who know how clinical trials actually function are in disbelief that the American public views them negatively. People who enroll in these studies often get better medical care than most other patients.

Medvin Clinical Research

As part of a clinical study, you will:

  • Play an active role in your well-being.
    Receive medical care for condition by licensed professional and experts in your field at NO CHARGE.
  • Receive study related treatment, diagnostic tests, laboratory tests and study medication at NO CHARGE.
  • Have access to promising new approaches often not available outside the clinical trial setting
  • Help others with your condition and the scientific community at large by contributing to the discovery of new treatments.
  • Be reimbursed up to $3500 for your participation.
  • Health Insurance is NOT REQUIRED.

For details about the Inclusion/Exclusion criteria and to see if you qualify for a trial, please contact our clinical staff at Medvin Clinical Research.

Patient Testimonials

“I would like to talk about my experience with this service that I’ve been receiving at Medvin at Covina, CA. They are the greatest! Since I started my participation in the study, I have noticed a huge difference in the mobility. I can finally do the things again that I haven’t been able to do in a while. The best part of this service is that the medicine is free and the medical care is free. The staff is very kind and understanding. I have recommended them to a lot of people to help them as well.”
– Judy Coronado, Baldwin Park, CA

“Yo he vivido con la enfermedad espondiloarthritis anquilosante por 26 años. Yo he tratado diferentes tratamientos y creo que fue el destino que puso este medicamento en mi camino. Con este nuevo medicamento, me he sentido mucho mejor. Ahora tengo menos dolor, inflamación y rigidez. Yo les recomendaría a otras personas con mi misma enfermedad tratar este medicamento, porque me ha ayudado recuperar mi vida. Le agradezco al equipo de Medvin y a la Doctora Chen por haber mejorado mi vida.”
– Soledad De Dios, Montclair, CA

“Prior to entering the study it would take me about 30 minutes to get out of bed due to the morning stiffness in my joints. I am now able to get out of bed without any pain. I am able to go to the YMCA and workout. I am also able to work on my house and daily chores. Dr. Gelfand and the Medvin staff have been great with my care and they are always very pleasant while attending to my study visits.”
– Robert Mata, Whittier, CA

“El Dr. Gelfand a sido mi doctor por varios anos ya y siempre me a dado el mejor cuidado medico posible. Desde que entre al estudio clinico me e sentido mucho mejor y puedo hacer mas de mis cosas dia a dia sin dolor de mis coyonturas.”
– Bertha Avila, Downey, CA